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Copyright Policy

1. Authors retain copyrights to intellectual property and may distribute their articles as desired, EXCEPT verbatim re-publication in any way. Authors agree to allow Scholar Chatter to add a DOI and/or ISSN number to published documents, for ease of identification and retrieval from other database archives.

2. Scholar Chatter has first publication rights; however, is not responsible for authors’ decisions to use the article post-publication.


Open-access Policy

1. Scholar Chatter, upon publication, will provide open access on its website to all journals published. This means that all readers and researchers can find and download, read, print, and distribute the full text of articles from the website without embargo.

2. Authors agree to allow Scholar Chatter to provide open access to full-text articles for lawful use, free from fees and charges.


Submission Policy

1. Author submission of an article for publication implies:

a. The article has never been previously published except as a(n)

  i. Abstract

 ii. Dissertation or thesis

iii. Lecture

iv. Conference paper or presentation

 v. Blog

b. The article has not been submitted for consideration for publication elsewhere simultaneously.

c, The above items are cited clearly and changed significantly from their original format.

2. All authors must state clearly approval for publication.

3. All authors sign a declaration of originality.


Double-Blind Peer Review

After an article is submitted for publication consideration, the document is provided a numerical number, in lieu of author information. Two peer reviewers are asked to read, review, and comment on the article. Peer reviewers are conferred PhDs [hold a terminal degree] and personal information about authors and peer reviewers is held in the strictest of confidence during this process. After both peer reviewers return the document and evaluation to the editor-in-chief, the information is provided to the author(s) for review, revision, and resubmission for further consideration.

Plagiarism Policy

Scholar Chatter insists that authors provide meaningful and rigorous articles. We thus have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. All submissions are checked for citation and reference matching, and quoted material not receiving proper attribution. Authors understand that giving oneself attribution for any previously authored material, whether educational, personal, or professional, is self-plagiarism and must be given proper attribution. Submissions with issues noted will be returned to authors for corrections before acceptance to the double-blind peer-review process.


Submission Deposit Policy / Archiving Policy

Scholar Chatter uses PDF digital storage and archiving processes.


Waiver Policy

AAs part of Scholar Chatter’s annual membership, we charge authors $49.00 [USD]. Fees are used for operational and administrative expenses necessary to have open access. All fees are noted on the Scholar Chatter webpage. Membership fees can be reduced or waived for scholars in hardship countries by providing a letter of hardship, at which time a reduced fee or free membership will be provided at the discretion of the Honorary Advisory Board members.


Refund Policy

Our refund policy is based on the intention of publication; what this means is that a member will pay the $49.00 [USD] fee with the expected outcome of publication, and using all privileges of membership purchased.


No refunds of membership fees once payment is processed.